What is TPMS?

An electronic system that advises the driver of either a low pressure condition or system malfunction. This indication is made on the dash board in the form of an ICON or other warning, or both.

This website provides information for two main user groups:

TPMS delivers accurate real time tire pressure information to the driver of the vehicle via a gauge, a picto-gramme display, or a simple low pressure warning light.

Readings are provided by pressure sensing transmitters mounted on the inside of each tire and sent to a central computer (ECU) for display on the dashboard. Direct TPMS enables simultaneous detection of under inflation in any or all of the four tires.

Within each are we provide information relating to The TREAD ACT, Key Statistics, Safety Benefits, Performance Benefits, Impact on Fuel Economy, Tire Wear, How TPMS Works, Getting your vehicle serviced. For the Tire Shop technician we also provide information regarding TPMS Training, TPMS Marketing & TPMS Video demonstration.

Please browse our website for more information about TPMS and Tire pressure monitoring systems. As more information regarding Tools, Sensors, Tire Pressure Legislation, Tires and Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems is released we will continue to provide information as a knowledge base for this subject.