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Safety Benefits of TPMS

Today’s improved tire designs and materials, low profile, run flat style tires means the "tried and true method" of visually inspecting or "kicking the tires" no longer works.

  • 35 % of drivers admit to never checking tire pressure.

  • More than 50% of passenger cars and light trucks on the road have at least 1 under inflated tire.

So when one of your vehicle tires falls below 25% of placard value, the warning light will be displayed on your instrument panel, letting you know to take action. Two images below, can you tell which one is not legal and below the placard value of 25%. Hover over the image for the answer.

This is a valuable feature in that in most cases you cannot visually detect the difference between a fully inflated tire and one that is only 75% inflated.

Tire inflated at 70% of Placard valueTire inflated at 100% of Placard value

Which one is at 70% of the recommended placard limit? 

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