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TPMS For Repair Technicians

This website offers a few pages on technical aspects of TPMS, Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems, Tire Pressure Sensors & TPMS Tools, This section of the website provides information on:

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A good TPMS dealer tool should have the following features, The ability to audit the vehicle before the wheel is broken down, diagnose faults, Support the replacement of TPMS sensors and the reprogramming of the car &be software updateable.

In the aftermarket, TPMS presents certain challenges. Some vehicle manufactures have made the TPMS re-learn process more complex by requiring a scan tool (plugged into the OBD). What's more, in addition to a scan tool, (in most cases) you also need a TPMS trigger (activation) tool to complete the process.

Extensive detail of all procedures required for all vehicles including the TPMS procedures are illustrated in the Mitchell1 Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems Guide.

This shows service requirements, reset procedures, dismounting, mounting instructions, torque specifications etc for all makes, models and years.

Please browse our website for more information about TPMS and Tire pressure monitoring systems. As more information regarding Tools, Sensors, Tire Pressure Legislation, Tires and Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems is released we will continue to provide information as a knowledge base for this subject.