The Tread Act

In the aftermath of hearings conducted by the committee on Energy and Commerce regarding tire safety and other related issues.

As a result of these hearings, Congress passed the Transportation Recall Enhancement Accountability
Documentation act, requiring equipment manufactures to periodically report to NHTSA regarding potential safety defects, and other safety-related issues.

The acts requires the Original Equipment Manufacturer to periodically report to NHTSA regarding potential safety defects, and other safety related issues.

The NHTSA is the federal agency that creates safety regulations for cars and trucks, crash-tests them, and analyzes safety-related defects that may require recalls.

All vehicles described in the ruling, made in or sold in the U.S., must have Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems by Model year 2008. 

In order to reduce the number of accidents related to low tire pressure, vehicle manufactures have now been mandated by the TREAD act and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS), to install a Tire Pressure Monitoring System on passenger cars, trucks, multipurpose passenger vehicles, and buses under 10,000 lbs by September 1st 2007.

  • 20% Compliance for Model Year 2006 (9/1/05)
  • 70% Compliance for Model Year 2007 (9/1/06)
  • 100% Compliance for Model Year 2008 (9/1/07)

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